Recycle to support London City Singers


It’s time for a bit of spring cleaning! If you have empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones dusting away in a cupboard or drawer then send them for recycling and raise money for London City Singers. When you recycle through, these could raise:

  • £1 is donated per usable inkjet from the wanted list (most Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, Neopost and Samsung are listed, check website for full list)
  • 50% of mobile phone market value donated up to £70

The money raised from recycling will be used to fund our continued learning on barbershop singing.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Search through your cupboards for empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones
  2. Register on
  3. Request a freepost recycling bag (each bag holds 2-3 inkjets each)
  4. Fill your bag(s) with your empty cartridges – please don’t send mobile phones in the bag, see why below
  5. Drop bag(s) in postbox
  6. Drop old mobile phones in our collection boxes

Unfortunately, old mobile phones in freepost bags will not raise a donation for us. These can only do so if you drop them at our collection box, which we’re still organising. So hang on to them until we have full details of where our collection boxes will be.



There are more ways to support London City Singers – click here to find out how