New Chorus Coordination Committee 2017

London City Singers’ CCC (Chorus Coordination Committee) gets a refresh every May. Each post on the CCC is filled on a two-year basis, with roles staggered to ensure a level of consistency from one year to the next. There are a few roles that need to be in place for each chorus; a team leader, finance lead and membership/secretary, and it’s required to have at least six in total to form the group. We’ve spent time working the most useful mix of roles to form our committee, and below explains each role, a little bit about what they do and who we have in place going forward.

Team Coordinator: responsible for overall management of the group
Mariane Lingley, replacing Helen Walledge

Team Secretary: compiles event handbooks, notes meeting actions and generates agendas
Leila Wong, replacing Liss Macklin

Membership Coordinator: tracks attendance, coordinates new starters and registers the chorus for Sweet Adelines International membership
Nat Faulkner, replacing Mariane Lingley

Fundraising Coordinator: leads on recommending fundraising methods and monitoring progress against set targets
Sal Rowberry, replacing Charl Asuit

Image Coordinator: determines what we wear for our events, ensuring we look fabulous dahling
Mea Wilson, replacing Linda Clayton

Simon Arnott (Music Director), Daisy Blench (Events Co-ordinator) and Lan O’Connor (Marketing Co-ordinator) remain in post, as well as Aurélie Gandour (Finance Co-ordinator) who took over from Sarah Palframan when she went on maternity leave late last year.

A big thank you to those who’ve supported the chorus over the past year working in the CCC, and special thanks to Aurélie for sourcing these lovely presents for those leaving their roles (click to see the pics on our Instagram page).

Simon was also given a present, though he’s still on the CCC (I suppose he does do a lot for us…) Here’s him enjoying it 🙂

New Chorus Coordination Committee 2016

Our chorus coordination committee (CCC) is renewed each year. Members select from those who put their names forward and volunteer to do these roles to help manage the chorus. For this coming year, the roles of Team Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Finance Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator needed to be filled. At this year’s annual general meeting, we selected the new members of our CCC – some have moved from other roles and some are serving for the first time. They are:

  • Helen Walledge, replacing Hayley Nock as Team Coordinator
  • Daisy Blench, replacing Lan O’Connor as Events Coordinator
  • Sarah Palframan, replacing Adeline Giacometti as Finance Coordinator
  • Lan O’Connor, taking over the vacant role of Marketing Coordinator (filled by Charl Asuit on an interim basis)

Helen is the incumbent Membership Coordinator and her moving to the role of Team Coordinator means the post was to be left vacant. But thankfully, Mariane Lingley stepped up and agreed to take over matters of membership for the remaining term.

The new CCC members join Simon Arnott (Music Director and Music Coordinator), Liss Macklin (Secretary) and Charl Asuit (Fundraising Coordinator) for the 2016-17 term.

New Music Director – Simon Arnott

For those of you who have been following us over the last few months, you’ll know that we’ve been looking for our next Music Director. Well, the search is now over and we’re delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Arnott as our new Musical Director. Hurrah!

Simon is an experienced barbershop singer and director, having directed The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers Auditioned Ensemble (2010-2012) and The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers Men’s Ensemble (2011-2012). He was also the Associate Musical Director and bass section leader of the nine-time British men’s barbershop chorus champions, Great Western Chorus (2010-2015). As a singer, Simon sings bass in Park Street, the 2014 National Barbershop Quartet Champions.

As London City Singers’ Music Director, Simon will continue to develop our unique sound as well as getting involved in every musical aspect of the London City Singers’ work in championing barbershop singing and performance. Simon starts his new role on 05 Jan 2016 and we can’t wait to start working with him!

Read our official press release on Simon’s appointment