New Chorus Coordination Committee 2016

Our chorus coordination committee (CCC) is renewed each year. Members select from those who put their names forward and volunteer to do these roles to help manage the chorus. For this coming year, the roles of Team Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Finance Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator needed to be filled. At this year’s annual general meeting, we selected the new members of our CCC – some have moved from other roles and some are serving for the first time. They are:

  • Helen Walledge, replacing Hayley Nock as Team Coordinator
  • Daisy Blench, replacing Lan O’Connor as Events Coordinator
  • Sarah Palframan, replacing Adeline Giacometti as Finance Coordinator
  • Lan O’Connor, taking over the vacant role of Marketing Coordinator (filled by Charl Asuit on an interim basis)

Helen is the incumbent Membership Coordinator and her moving to the role of Team Coordinator means the post was to be left vacant. But thankfully, Mariane Lingley stepped up and agreed to take over matters of membership for the remaining term.

The new CCC members join Simon Arnott (Music Director and Music Coordinator), Liss Macklin (Secretary) and Charl Asuit (Fundraising Coordinator) for the 2016-17 term.

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