Meet our new member: Emma W

Emma (pictured, with green top) sang barbershop in uni and was missing it. After attending London City Singer’s Taster Tuesday session, she found a group that she could sing barbershop with on a regular basis. Read the story of the newest member of our baritone section below.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a Music Teacher in primary schools and enjoy teaching children from 3-11 years old. I’ve recently moved to London from Bristol and changed role from class teacher, covering all subjects, to specialising in Music. This has proved really fun and I do a lot of singing in a typical day – but I was keen to join a singing group outside of work and sing something other than children’s repertoire! Throughout university I sang in various groups with a barbershop society and developed a love for a cappella singing.

How did you find out about London City Singers?

Through fellow singer friends advice, I had seen videos of the chorus online and then looked up their website. I thought the group looked really friendly and sang a fun range of songs. Luckily, there was a taster evening coming up soon!

Why did you join?

I really enjoyed the taster evening and was excited by the sound and the journey the chorus seemed to be taking. The evening was fun but we also focused on technical aspects of singing so I felt I could learn a lot from the chorus. I also wanted to be part of a singing group with regular rehearsals and goals (such as convention) so I had dedicated time to enjoy singing and meet new people. The chorus were really relaxed and friendly, which made me keen to go back.

What are your thoughts on singing barbershop?

I enjoyed singing barbershop in uni and have missed it since! I think singing a cappella is a great challenge and really satisfying when the sound comes together. I also like that there is a yearly convention to work towards and always a friendly atmosphere.

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