Meet our new member: Deborah

Back in September, we welcomed a new member into our lead section, Deborah (pictured above in the middle). Here’s some of her thoughts when she joined London City Singers.

Please tell a bit about yourself.

I’m originally from Australia, and I came over to the UK about ten years ago to do some postgraduate study and then work in London. I’m a barrister (specialising in commercial and banking cases), but when I’m not lawyering, I can be found singing, dancing salsa, travelling abroad as much as possible, and eating more pasta than I should (but I have zero self-control).

How did you find out about London City Singers?

I used to sing a lot and then I ended up focusing on study and work, so I left it for a while. I missed the exhilaration I used to get from singing, especially in a group, so I did some searches online, and happily I found London City Singers – located close to work and home, and full of lovely, talented people!

Why did you join?

I was impressed from the moment I found London City Singers’ recorded performances online – the chorus clearly had good quality, dedicated singers who were also obviously enjoying themselves! I joined because it seemed like an excellent group, and it would be a good opportunity to sing barbershop (which I’ve always loved) and the sort of repertoire that I enjoy, and also to make new friends. I’ve been having a wonderful time and I’m sure that will continue.

What’s your thoughts on singing barbershop?

I adore barbershop! My Dad is a big fan of it and he introduced me to the genre when I was little. I grew up listening to a CD by a group called The Demon Barbers, as well as music from Chanticleer, and I was hooked. In more recent times, I love Perpetuum Jazzile, the Swingle Singers, Lunch Break and many others. Singing a cappella harmonies is such a rewarding experience, and I’m looking forward to doing more of that with London City Singers.

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