Meet our new member: Liss

Liss (pictured above on the left) successfully passed her auditions within three weeks of her first visit and joins the lead section. We asked her some questions about her joining one of the most dynamic and fun singing group in London, to which she happily obliged.

How did you find out about London City Singers?

I came across a flyer for an open evening a couple of years ago. I went along and had a great couple of hours, but my job at the time meant I couldn’t commit to regular rehearsals or the main performance of the year. When I moved jobs, to somewhere that gave me more free time, I came back again.

Why did you join?

I did a lot of choral singing all the way through school and university, and loved it. The feeling you get when everyone’s voice moulds in harmony – it sends shivers up my spine. I really missed that in my working life and, once I got to a point in my career where I could afford NOT to work all the hours of the week, I went in search of it. The atmosphere at London City Singers is so welcoming – relaxed, fun, but with a level of skill and professionalism that would get my voice back into condition. It was never really a question in my mind of whether I would join. It’s a workout, and a laugh, and a place of creativity, and hours when I don’t think about anything except music. I’ve been grinning all the way through.

What are you thoughts on singing barbershop?

Love it! In the past I’ve mainly done church music, which is beautiful but not exactly bouncy. This music is the stuff I listen to by choice, and now I get to sing it. And dance. Badly.

Well, Liss, don’t worry about the dancing bit, you’ll get to learn and improve on that, too. Adeline (also pictured above on the right), who is our dancing diva, can certainly give you some tips!

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