LCS awards 2015

Last year we introduced the LCS Awards where we recognise the awesomeness that our fellow members have shown to drive our chorus forward towards achieving our goals. The winners are selected from the members by the members, which makes it an extreme honour to be highly regarded by peers.

The winners this year are:

Little Miss Sunshine – always upbeat, cheery and positive on Tuesday nights
Katherine Richardson

Red Knicker Recipient – one who always know how to turn on the sassiest attitude
Charl Asuit

She’s Got the Moves – she can dance, she can jive, she busts the best moves
Adeline Giacometti

You Go, Girl! – overcame problems, tried something new or gone way outside of her comfort zone to do something amazing
Cheryl Pardey

Joker of the Pack – always makes us laugh
Lan O’Connor and Ruth Butchers

Can’t Get Rid of Her – demonstrated impressive attendance (based on actual attendance records)
Hayley Amoss and Charl Asuit

Sweet Adeline of the Year – who exemplifies the spirit of our chorus and the mission of Sweet Adelines International
Hayley Amoss

Congratulations to the winners!

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