Christmas recording for Covent Garden tube station

If you happen to be in London and passing through Covent Garden tube station, you might hear Christmas carols from us played over the tannoy between now and the new year.

It was certainly one of the most exciting and unique things we’ve done spreading festive cheer in the British capital. We recorded three carols – Silent Night, Jingle Bells and Coventry Carol – over the station’s public address (PA) system, which they’ll be playing over certain intervals until the new year. Hopefully this’ll put a smile to some people amidst the flurry of Christmas shopping and merry-making.

Here’s a video of us recording Jingle Bells

We’re so grateful to station manager, Pele, and the staff at Covent Garden station for giving us this wonderful opportunity. It was so cool to be inside the control room with all the CCTV monitors. Oh, and thanks for the chocolates, too!

Check our Facebook or Google+ page for more photos.

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