New CCC for 2014

As a Sweet Adelines International chapter, our operating and financial year starts from May. This means that we also select the new members of our chorus coordinating committee (CCC) around this time. Serving in the CCC gives a member a chance not only to take part in seeing how the chorus is run but also gives a good training for leadership and learning a new skill.

This year we’re welcoming four new officers to the committee. It’s great to see some of our newest members taking on vital roles and bringing fresh ideas to the CCC.

From June 2014 we welcome:

  • Hayley Amoss, team coordinator
  • Megan Dragony, membership coordinator
  • Adeline Giacometti, finance coordinator
  • Lan O’Connor, events coordinator

They join our existing serving officers:

  • Melanie Rice, music coordinator
  • Clare Costello, image coordinator
  • Hazel Peck, team secretary

We loook forward to a bright and busy year ahead.

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